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High Maltose Syrup


Shandong Longlive Bio-Technology Co., Ltd目前只在以下作出標識的區域展示其產品資料:

High Maltose Syrup, also known as White Caramel, is a new starch sugar with high content of maltose. It has few impurities and high extracting temperature. It may be used in jams and jellies production as sweetener, thickener and filler to control adhesive permeability and balance sweetness and color. It also may be used in drinks and milk drinks to provide them with better flavor and fresh taste. As sweetness of maltose increases under low temperature, its favor is better after freezing.


Shandong Longlive Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures functional sugars and starch sugars for the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. There products include xylitol, xylo-oligosaccharides, d-xylose, corn starch, sodium carboxymethyl starch, crystalline glucose, high maltose syrup, sweeteners, preservatives, acidity regulators, bulking agents, antioxidants, flavors, thickeners and more.




Shandong Longlive Bio-Technology Co., Ltd

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