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Maltose Syrup 

Maltose Syrup has features such as mild sweetness, high crystalline resistance and heat stability. Using maltose syrup in candy production can enhance the flavor and prevent frosting of the product. Maltose syrup can retain moisture and is ferment-able. Using maltose syrup in baking products can help keep the fluffiness, flavor and moisture of the product. Maltose syrup can be applied in fruit jam, jelly, canned food, meat product, beverages, sauce products and dairy products to increase stickiness, preserve flavor and retain moisture of the product.




Global Bio-chem Technology Group Company Limited is a global manufacturer of corn-based products used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company combines its state-of-the-art technology with experience in corn processing to produce food ingredients such as Corn Starch, Corn Oil, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Maltodextrin, and more. They offer lysine series products to food processors as well.


Global Bio-chem Technology Group Company Limited

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